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‘As quarrying expanded, it slowly encroached upon the Old Burial Ground, established by the Legislature in 1712.’ ‘The Chalk is, in its lower part, extensively quarried for cement.’ ‘The long-running saga of whether quarrying is to be permitted at an historic Peak District beauty spot is set for a final showdown.’

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Quarry process is a product that binds together to achieve a high level of compaction ideal for driveways, highways or other highly-traffic areas.

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quarry definition: 1. a large artificial hole in the ground where stone, sand, etc. is dug for use as building material: 2. a person or animal being hunted or looked for: 3. to dig stone, etc. from a quarry. Learn more.

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Hypernyms ("quarrying" is a kind of...): production ((economics) manufacturing or mining or growing something (usually in large quantities) for sale) Domain member category: quarry (extract (something such as stones) from or as if from a quarry)

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Jan 08, 2019· A quarry is a large deposit of rock such as granite which is mined for use in construction projects. Quarries can be found all over the world, and most contain a heavy concentration of a particular type of rock such as marble, limestone, slate, or gypsum.

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The Quarry Life Award is a scientific and education contest proposed by HeidelbergCement. The competition takes place every two years and runs simultaneously at national and international levels. Its aim is to raise the awareness of the organic value of mining sites and to find new ways to further enhance it.

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Freebase (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition:. Quarry. A quarry is a type of open-pit mine from which rock or minerals are extracted. Quarries are generally used for extracting building materials, such as dimension stone, construction aggregate, riprap, sand, and gravel.

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'Quarry' is the story of Mac Conway, a Marine who returns home to Memphis from Vietnam in 1972 and finds himself shunned by those he loves and demonized by the public.

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What is QUARRY?. In mining law. An open excavation where the works are visible at the surface; a place or pit where stone, slate, marble, etc., is dug out or separated from a mass of rock.

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What is quarrying mining products are most popular in Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America. You can ensure product safety by selecting from certified suppliers, including 40,412 with ISO9001, 25,025 with Other, and 1,673 with ISO14001 certification.

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an area where workers are quarrying for limestone [+] more examples [-] hide examples [+] Example sentences [-] Hide examples. 2 [+ object]: to make a quarry in (a place) — usually used as (be) quarried. This area has been quarried for limestone.

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quarry definition: The definition of a quarry is a place, often a deep hole in the ground, from where stones are extracted. (noun) An example of a quarry is a deep hole from where granite is mined....

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The hazardous nature of quarrying activities at the Mutonga quarry in Meru county came to light when activities had to be stopped by the then area's district commissioner. Why rock quarrying is one of the most lethal professions

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quarrying, open, or surface, excavation of rock used for various purposes, including construction, ornamentation, road building, and as an industrial raw material. Rock that has been quarried is commonly called stone. Quarrying methods depend chiefly on the desired size and shape of the stone and its physical characteristics.

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Quarry is an American crime drama television series based on the novels of Max Allan Collins. An eight-episode first season was ordered by Cinemax in February 2015. The series was created for television by Graham Gordy and Michael D. Fuller and was directed by Greg Yaitanes.

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Quarry, a disillusioned Vietnam War vet, returns home to Memphis in 1972 only to find rejection and scrutiny at every step. A mysterious man known only as The Broker gives him an offer he can't refuse - to work for him as a hitman.

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The rocks of the Jason may be seen in any quarry of Warwickshire sandstone. At the second course they all scrambled like hounds at the quarry. No kite ever pursued its quarry with a keener eye than we did. I said, I begin to perceive a track, and I believe that the quarry will not escape.

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Quarrying definition, an excavation or pit, usually open to the air, from which building stone, slate, or the like, is obtained by cutting, blasting, etc. See more.

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Quarrying is the mining of stone, or rock used mainly for building. A quarry is a hole or a pit in the ground from which workers remove stone. A quarry is a hole or …

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Both meanings of quarry have to do with going after something. An animal being hunted is called quarry, and when you dig a hole in the earth looking for rocks, both the digging and the hole are called quarry …

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Other articles where Glacial quarrying is discussed: glacial landform: Glacial erosion: …generally included under the terms glacial plucking or quarrying. This process involves the removal of larger pieces of rock from the glacier bed. Various explanations for this phenomenon have been proposed.

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Quarrying is the mining of stone, or rock used mainly for building. A quarry is a hole or a pit in the ground from which workers remove stone. A quarry is a hole or a …